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Payson Chamber of Commerce 6-13-2014 Grand Opening "story" talk by Dr. Gear.


    "Welcome to our chamber of commerce ribbon cutting ceremony.  I am so thankful that we have such a great Chamber of Commerce represented by Sandra, and Inga, helping the business community communicate with the public, and with each other. 

     I am of the opinion you would like to know something about this physician and chiropractor who is setting up a Health and Wellness Center in Payson.

     My life began in Phoenix 9 days before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  I grew up in a medical family, with my Father, and Aunt, having their medical practices in Phoenix from 1927.
     I began my practice in 1964.  My sons began their practice of medicine in Phoenix in the late 1990’s, with my daughter becoming a Naturopathic medical assistant.  Their mother was trained as an RN at Cook County Hospital in Chicago Illinois.  Dr. Brent Gear is a valued physician at Payson Regional Medical Center.  He also has a very successful Bariatric practice on Monday evenings in Dr. Gillette’s cardiology offices.

     60 years ago I came through Payson on horseback en route to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The Beeline highway was a gravel and narrow two lane asphalt track of a road where 35 mph was too fast for many of the hairpin turns.
     Sunflower was a thriving gas station with a small store and restaurant.  The new road was completed in 1958.  Many improvements have created the 65 mph road we currently enjoy.
      The timing of our trail master was such that my trail companions, 3 adult men, 11 twelve year olds, 2 – 13 year olds, 1 – 11 year old, and I (a 12 year old) rode down Main Street in the 1954 Rodeo Parade that preceded, (on that date)  the 70th  World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo.

     The Oxbow was a real cowboy hangout at the end of Main Street.  There were very few businesses, or people, in Payson at that time.  Population Statistics are not available for Payson in 1954, but comparable stats are Snowflake 929, and Springerville 689, with Phoenix sporting 106,818.

      Current stats for Phoenix are a population of one point five million, in 516.7 square miles of territory within its borders.  Payson’s population is 15,215 with 19.5 square miles inside its borders, and 7 council members, led by the Mayor, provide the guidance for the city manager to implement, and carry out their directions.

     3 years ago, I was invited to come to Payson for the evaluation of people suffering from various ailments, including chronic pain, and sufferings.  The vast number of people that were presented for evaluation suffered from pain of the spine, or pain directly created by old injuries to their musculoskeletal structures.

     All of the people who qualified were certified to the Department of Health.  I offered my medical services as a spinal specialist to everyone, and most of the people who had the ability, responded by receiving enough regular services that they were able to divest themselves of the opioids (i.e. morphine, oxycodone), and the codeines represented by Vicodin, that have resulted in so much iatrogenic disease, and death.

     Many people scheduled for corrective invasive surgical procedures found the procedure was no longer needed.  The great majority have found that manipulative surgery, while sounding scary, is just what the doctor has ordered.

    The small office, and focus of medicine, that began 3 years ago has grown to this wonderful physical location with Naturopathic medicine, Chiropractic health care, colonic hydrotherapy, and nutrition, available to any, and all.

Over my 50 years of practice, there have been so many wonderful patient cures, that it is impossible to list them all.

My web site is alive with current information, and updated frequently.

     I have opened The Payson Health & Wellness Center to bring advancements in modern scientific Naturopathic, and Chiropractic health care, to you, my friends, and neighbors in Payson
      Please come on into the center, see the facility, and have a lunch with us. Visit all the way to the back of the building.  Enjoy each room as you perambulate along.

     "Let's eat."      :  )