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     As part of our special interest in Neuropathy (disease of the nerves) both the Phoenix, and Payson clinics are offering a free functional foot examination.

     This is a certified medical clinical foot evaluation. 
This functional examination incorporates a digital scan of the manner each foot carries the body weight while standing on the low profile scanner platform.  The scanner records to a computer screen graph how the bottom of the feet actual bare weight on the platform (equivalent of standing on the floor).

     Each foot tissue health will also be recorded and a full clinical examination will be scheduled if indicated.  The full examination is for a person with feet that have started the changes related to some other known, or to be diagnosed pathological disease affecting the feet, such as diabetes..  Donít be afraid to find out the health of your feet.  Let us together work to save your nerves, blood circulation, and yes, even your feet.
     With the functional examination information the pressure distribution, each of the 3 arches of the footís ability to properly function and the footís bony alignment can be scientifically, and clinically understood.
     The muscles in the leg hold the bones in the foot in proper alignment.  The lower back nerves keep the muscles working in harmony.  I have found that the way the spine bones function all the way up to the skull affects the function of the foot.  This is the reason that many people think the bottom of the foot pressures and tenderness points indicate how organs function.
    Let us get the process started.  Make an appointment to get your feet functionally evaluated.
     This offer is available to not only you, but to your family, and friends. 
 Would you like to schedule this evaluation for a school class, Boy or Girl Scout troop, church Sunday school, or other organization?  Let the staff, or Dr. Gear, know.
 Call 602-263-8484 for the free examination in Phoenix.
 Call 928-978-4027 for the free examination in Payson.



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